2016 Top Web Design Tips Followed in London

web design in London

The trends in web design changes very rapidly in order to increase engagement with the visitors. The top-notch websites usually experiment with new innovations to refine the user experience for the visitors coming to their websites. Hence, it is very important to know the web design trends that will rock the stage of online marketing in 2016. Also, remember always that a trend does not need to be always “new”.

The trends of web design in London are evolving at a very fast rate with new ideas and innovations hooking the interest of the web users to specific business websites. On the other hand, many changes in web design are complimentary to various digital devices for the best user-experience. In this case, improvements in technology are being one of the major reasons for the birth of new trends in web designing.

In the current times, web design is heading towards flexibility and better engagement with the viewers and this is being made possible by the following ideas.

  • Material Design

A substitute to flat design, material design is something that brings in some fresh and nice elements in graphic designing. Also, known as a set of Google graphic design standards which separates the elements through the use of layers idea found in the image editing software.

Material design is better because it is based in 3D. For people who are looking for stylish design, then material designs are the best choice for them. Also, material design focuses on mobile devices since most of the people are inclined to smartphones and tablets. It has the characteristic of streamlining the site, thereby speeding it up.

  • Typography

Responsive designs and better resolutions is a factor behind the improvement of typography. In order to be unique and colorful, typography is the best approach to create improved and enhanced outlook of a web page. Handwriting adds to the extra touch as well as serifs enhances legibility.

  • Mobile layouts

When it comes to mobile view of websites then some elements that appear in the desktop can be hidden as well as some are modified in accordance to the size of the screen. This helps to keep the important message in the screen by getting rid of the not-so-important elements that appear in the desktop view. Make sure that the web page in the mobile view appears appealing to the eye without losing the main message of the site.

  • More images than texts.

In the current times, consumers find pictures more appealing than lots of texts. Therefore, remember to add pleasant images that allow the eyes to explore for more information about the website. These trends are very popular in the patterns of web design in London and thus, sites are experiencing better engagement with their target audience.

Last but not the least, when you are on the verge of improving your website then it is good to create something that conveys your message in the most appealing way to your audience.

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